Move Better. Feel Better.

Specializing in Sports and Musculoskeletal Injury


Personalized one-on-one care


Determine what is wrong and what should be done.


We'll work with you as a team to get you out of pain.


Improves your health to help keep you out of pain.


It starts with a comprehensive history & exam

We need to know where point A is to get you to point B. So, time spent in assessment will give us an accurate diagnosis and better direct care to shorten your treatment time.

We really pay attention to how you move

Assessing how you move gives us an idea if your tight or weak in certain areas or maybe just compensating for some sort of past or present injury. It helps guide us on what are the best stretches and exercises you should do to efficiently resolve your issue.


We will teach you how to build a resilient body

Reductionist thinking only looks at the area that hurts. At Champion Performance Chiropractic Rehab, we adopt a whole body approach with our patients. We will educate and coach you on the underlying causes of pain and dysfunction and teach you exercises that build a resilient body.

Get out of pain.

Stay out of pain.

Build a strong body.

People REALLY LOVE Champion Performance


"The absolute best place to go to rehab an injury! Ken and Jimmy are one of the reasons I was able to accomplish my dream. With their help I became an Ironman!"

Carrie Treadwell
Ironman Finisher

Kurt Trees

Great place for athletes of all abilities and non-athletes to go. They really know how to diagnose and treat all injuries and great for preventive recurrence. Strongly recommend them!

Kurt LaForest
Running Coach & Ironman Finisher

Jeanette Nocera Muller

"The doctors at Champion Performance Chiropractic Rehab are both excellent. They are knowledgeable beyond chiropractic. You will be treated with kindness and professionalism and be back on your feet and feeling well in no time."

Jeanette Nocera Muller

Jim Freiss

"Best place to go for assessing, rehabbing and strengthening on the Island! Have been with these guys for many years and will continue to give them my business. I highly recommend them. Real attention to detail and tailor a plan for getting you back on the road!

Jim Freiss

Something else you should know...

You are not fragile.

The last thing you want to hear from a doctor, physical therapist, or chiropractor when you're hurt is that you can't do something. At Champion Performance Chiropractic Rehab, we routinely help people get back to doing the things they love. You are not as fragile as you may have been led to believe.

"Fantastic care from a staff that truly cares about getting you moving again!"
Sarah Thompson
Sarah Thompson
Move Better. Feel Better.

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