The last thing you want to hear from a doctor, physical therapist, or chiropractor when you're hurt is that you can't do something. While that may be true sometimes, very often it is simply just not the case and we routinely help people get back to doing the things they love. Our goal is to work with you as a team to develop a personalized treatment plan to make you become more empowered, stronger, and pain-free.

back pain

Thorough Assessment

Standard examination procedures coupled with functional movement assessments.


Customized Exercise Programs

Individualized exercise programs based on your needs and goals. Build a strong resilient body.

ART shoulder

Skilled Manual Therapy

A variety of manual therapy methods to quickly resolve your condition.


You don't need to be an athlete to use our expertise, but if you do allow us the privilege to help you, expect that you will participate in your own recovery.  A driving force of our philosophy is to work with you as a team to develop a customized exercise program. Your exercise program is designed to address your specific needs which typically includes strength training, conditioning, stability exercises, and flexibility. We also strongly believe in the value of one-on-one, hands-on care. We feel it is our responsibility to lead our patients away from needless pain and suffering, as well as unnecessary medications or surgery. We believe optimal results are achieved when treating injury through a multifaceted approach. That is why we provide the best in chiropractic techniques, exercise, massage, and supplementary modalities.


"You can pay someone to care for you - but you can't pay someone to care about you! And you care about your patients!" 

-Ruth T

The absolute best place to go to rehab an injury! Ken and Jimmy are one of the reasons I was able to accomplish my dream. With their help I became an Ironman!

-Carrie Treadwell
Ironman Finisher

Best place to go for assessing, rehabbing and strengthening on the Island! Have been with these guys for many years and will continue to give them my business. I highly recommend them. Real attention to detail and tailor a plan for getting you back on the road!

-Jim Freiss

Great place for athletes of all abilities and non-athletes to go. They really know how to diagnose and treat all injuries and great for preventive recurrence. Strongly recommend them!

-Kurt LaForest, Running Coach
& Ironman Finisher

There are no words to describe how amazing and helpful the team at Champion are. From the doctors to the office staff, they are all attentive, helpful, and friendly. When I first started running in June 2015, I could not make it more than a couple miles without knee pain. With the help of Ken and Jimmy over the last nine months, I have been able to get stronger and have been running without knee pain for months. Thank you so much to this amazing team for their attentive care and amazing work!

-Chris Swann
Ironman finisher

I went to see Dr. Ken with a barking Achilles and after some testing, he was able to diagnose the issue, provide treatment and exercise, and have me feeling perfect when I left. I was worried I would have to quit all sports until I was better but I was given the green light to continue as long as I do the exercises and continue to get treatment. Thank you!!!!

-Thomas Stridiron

I've had a great experience at Champion Performance. Dr. Jimmy has helped me regain motion in my finger after it was crushed in an accident, and more recently helped me recover from a heel/achilles running injury. Champion Performance has a friendly, but professional atmosphere, and I'll gladly return if I need any help in the future.

-Timothy Glotch
marathon finisher

I absolutely love coming to Champion. I ALWAYS walk out feeling better than when I walked in. Ken and Jimmy are true professionals.

John Graziano
Ironman Finisher
Founder Wildwood Warriors

The doctors at Champion Performance are knowledgeable, kind, and caring. The office is clean and professional. I love the individualized attention and care that I get when I'm there. It's the personalized attention and time with the doctors that make all the difference.

-Michelle Manning Labuski

Very knowledge doctors with a true concern for their patients and what's important to them. You get individualized treatment plans aimed at helping you rehab and achieve your goals in as short a time as possible.

-Debbie O'Connor Hole
marathon finisher

The Drs. of Champion Performance are both excellent. They are knowledgeable beyond chiropractic. You will be treated with kindness and professionalism and be back on your feet and feeling well in no time. I highly recommend them.

-Jeanette Nocera Muller

The Chiropractors Dr. Nuss and Dr. Gucciardi along with the rest of the staff are calm, professional, caring, friendly, honest, and very knowledgeable. Not to mention the office environment is spotless, clean, and inviting. You will not just be a patient with health insurance there. They treat you like their best friend or family. And they are not your typical chiropractors who will only adjust your spine under any circumstance and send you on your way while telling you to come back 3 times a week. They know many different types of treatments and techniques to offer every individual. In the event that they have exhausted all their options to help someone and there is still a problem (which very rarely happens) they are honest enough to refer that person elsewhere. Since 1995 I’ve been treated by many different chiropractors. Dr. Gucciardi and Dr. Nuss are truly the best!

Vicky Vincent-Kowalczyk, Licensed Massage Therapist

Learn to move better. Learn to move without pain.

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