How can you help me get out of pain?

By working one-on-one with you utilizing a combination of methods. These consist of different forms of hands-on work like joint mobilization, various therapeutic massage techniques, supportive taping and passive modalities like heat and ice. Therapeutic exercises are an important part of your care and are almost always indicated to effectively rehabilitate injury.

Can you help me improve my athletic performance?

For those needing a more robust exercise program, we offer one-on-one strength & conditioning programs. We also collaborate with local trainers who demonstrate top proficiency. We program for general preparation training and include more specific needs for your sport or skill. We will identify and train weaknesses that need to be shored up while reinforcing your strengths.

How can you help me stay out of pain?

We utilize progressively challenging exercises to get you out of pain and help reduce your potential for future injury. Exercises prescribed are  meant to address any dysfunction uncovered during your examination. Examples of exercises can range from strength, endurance, motor-control, and mobility. Your will not get a cookie-cutter program. It is based on your needs.

Do you work with people who aren't active?

We work with lots of people who are simply in need of a good doctor to help them get out of pain. As sports minded doctors we will likely recommend appropriate exercises for your condition, however they will be condensed to a minimum to suit your needs. Sort of like taking the minimum effective dose of a medication. Although we are passionate about fitness, we will not try to push our goals on to you.